Better decisions. Aligned to your vision. Made quickly.


We Improve your Team’s decision making

Not just answers to specific strategic questions. The ability to consistently make better, faster strategic decisions that empower your team, support fast execution, and survive uncertainties and unexpected events. We partner with you through a suite of consulting, training, and coaching offerings.

  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions & off-sites
  • Decision facilitation / consulting for specific decisions
  • Strategic growth advisory
  • Decision making techniques training
  • Decision meetings training
  • Ongoing Individual and group coaching
  • One-time decision coaching
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Helping you lead your team to better decisions
  • Facilitating strategic planning sessions – We get the best, most strategic thinking out of your team. We’ll lead your team through the full strategic planning exercise (Vision -> Mission -> Current Reality -> Goals -> Objectives -> Strategies). You leave with a platform (vision, goals, strategy) to which all decisions can be aligned to and assessed against.
  • Facilitation of Decision Meetings – You and your team have one critical decision to make. You want to get the best thinking possible out of your team. We bring the process and the facilitation. You leave with a better decision, made in under an hour.

Consulting: Strategic Growth Advisory

You’ve got big strategic decisions. You need more than a PowerPoint.
  • Strategic Growth Advisory – Commercial growth advisory, through a decision lens. We balance speed and analysis and stay laser-focused on the critical decisions needed for growth. And we’ll help you put in place processes to ensure that the downstream decision stay aligned.
  • Sales Excellence – Once strategies are in place, we help align the downstream decisions and deliver on the full set of sales enablement, including sales force design, deployment, and training.

Training: Decision Making & Meetings

You want to level-up your organizational decision making. We’ll show you how.
  • Business Decision Training – You’ll learn straightforward techniques for structuring the decision making process. Then you’ll apply them to the current critical decisions–which will deliver immediate results and build new skills.
  • Decision Meetings Training – Tired of meetings that accomplish nothing? Learn how to run meetings that actually answer the questions at hand. Quickly. Your team will actually start looking forward to meetings again.

Decision Coaching

Like an executive coach, but laser focused on one aspect of leadership: better decisions for you and your team.
  • Decision meeting coaching – We meet with you in advance of high-stakes decision meetings to help prepare you, as the leader, to get the best decision made.
  • Individual and group decision coaching – When your team is looking to upskill on an ongoing basis in terms of their individual and team decision making. We’ll develop a cadence for coaching the team through new decisions, in service of continued improvement and commitment to the new skills.

Better, Faster Decisions are Possible

We can show you how

We sit at the intersection of training, business consulting, and strategy consulting on purpose. We want real results, for you.

Give you one-time answers, drenched in analysis. Great for backup, these expensive presentations die in your Inbox.

Facilitate the planning process for you, with a heavy focus on staying aligned. You’re one step closer, but can you stay aligned?

Provide a base layer of new skills through classroom examples, but do nothing to create the a culture of clarity and empowerment.

Better, Faster Decisions are Possible

We can show you how